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Berlínskej Model, Prague
12 Oct 2016

1. Violence in small doses does not do harm in any quantity.

2. Riding a bike means hating pedestrians and cars. Walking means hating cyclists and cars. Driving a car means hating cyclists and pedestrians.

3. Going out with a dog is like going out with a girl. It is a relationship. Invisible affection finds expression in mutual likeness of both partners. 

4. Every honk, every rev, every shout, every middle finger needs to be SAVOURED. Having no effect whatsoever, these insults are only vehicles of self-expression.

5. Dogs and artists are driven by the same need.

Supplement A. Why are gays so joyful, so relaxed, so creative? The reason is this: they said YES to purposeless pleasure. History of Art resembles Pride Parade. Rainbow, a symbol of self-affirmation, defines and overarches both processions.

Supplement B. Acting like a whore yields pleasure. This pleasure does not stem from acting like A WHORE but from ACTING like a whore.

text: Mikuláš Brázda