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KIV Gallery, Karlín Studios, Prague
15 July-30 August 2015

Is the direct correlation "the longer the better" correct? The viewpoint of quantity is tempting and gets promoted not only in the field of economics, industries and adult films complex, but also in the field of culture. Over-production in art could lead to a reaction in form of routing towards approaches based on handicraft and carefulness, which, however, threaten with - just like on a banana peel - sliding onto self-purposed virtuosity. "No good work of art can endure hurry," such is one of lines from the Renaissance morality Ship of Fools, and Peter Fabo turns from photography to patience - demanding intarsia. 

Fabo's up-til now purely abstract patterns done with intarsia have gotten themselves a new hero - banana. Rooted spectator interpretation schemes could connect the exotic fruit processed using a technique burdened with the historical connection with the European ruling class with post-colonial critique, however a banana has the potential of communicating more intimate themes as well, as 'Father bearing all the weight of the world' shows. But take care with the redemptiousness, too: "One who would want to put the whole globe on one's shoulders would fall into the abyss straight away". The use of CMYK colors already reminds us of Fabo's work with technically reproducible image, just like in case of Longer which encompasses the gallery space, a grey box, and is, most likely, a product of curdly dudebros' length competitions. But even though irony is for the cowards afraid of pathos, just like we are, site-specific also has a more personal undertone, which it is indecent to burden with at a summer exhibition.